2013 Finger Lakes MBCA Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Meeting, November 10th, 2013

Belhurst Castle in Geneva was, once again, the site of our Annual Meeting on Sunday, November 10th. Twenty one members, associates and guests gathered for the election of Board members and discussions of Club business. Present were Don and Betsy Klug, Menzer and Rena Doud, Bob and Kathy Harradine, Don and Sally McFarland, Bob and Judy Handzo, Roy and Jeanette Kuck, Ernie Edelmann and guest Claudette Doran, Red Kozinski and guest Nelly Burke, Carl Prouty, Bill Wayman, Dan Young and John Lamb and guest Niles Barlow.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00PM by President Bob Handzo. Bob Harradine read the proposed slate of officers for 2014: President; Bob Handzo, Vice President; Don Klug, Secretary/Treasurer; Judy Handzo. As there were no additional nominations from the floor, voting was conducted and the proposed slate passed unanimously. Board appointees for 2014 will remain Vickie Patridge, Newsletter Editor and Dave Kliment, Website Coordinator. Bob thanked both for jobs well done and asked the membership to help them with car stories and photos for inclusion in the Newsletter and on the Website. The loss of one of our sponsors, Ding Doctor, necessitates finding a new advertiser to help us pay for printing and postage. Auto related businesses are fine but there’s no reason an insurance company, a bank, financial services firm or others would not be acceptable. Both Don McFarland and Bob Harradine gave suggestions to Bob for follow-up. The classified section of both website and newsletter need in-put also.

Bob spoke briefly about the1000 Islands weekend event in October and the wonderful time enjoyed by all. He thanked Menzer for the original idea and contacts and Don Klug for his assistance. This took a tremendous amount of planning but was well worth the effort and with help it’s possible to plan another weekend get-away in 2015. (See article elsewhere in the Newsletter.)

FLMBCA awards, at each Annual Meeting, National membership pins, in five year increments, starting with members having 10 years of continued membership. (The full list is elsewhere in this Newsletter.) This year Bob had the pleasure to give the 35 years pin to Roy Kuck along with a birthday card. Bob received the 25 years pin. Jeanette received a rose for putting up with Roy’s M-B passion for more than 35 years. Carl Prouty received a membership pin for being the newest member at the meeting. He and his Smart Car joined in July ’13.

Judy passed out copies of the 2012 financial report FLMBCA gives to National each year. The 2013 report will be available in January and will be mailed to any member requesting one. The current bank account is $2,739.38. We also file for IRS yearly with National, as a non-profit. Judy reported that from January to the current date we have gained 23 new members. This is off-set slightly by members not renewing. M-B of Rochester, by adding a membership app in each new and used buyer packet has helped us immensely in our growth.

Discussion of events for 2014 started as luncheon was served and elicited a number of suggestions. Sally had flyers and several ideas in the Watkins Glen-Southern Tier areas. The Mark Twain tour in Elmira received the best response. There’s also the Glen’s Vintage Race day in September which could be fun. Bill Wayman offered his home/work garages for a “show and tell” gathering. Bill is a mechanical genius and not just with Mercedes. A similar event there several years ago included a number of members who appreciated his hospitality and technical expertise. Our “kick-off” 2014 will be the annual barbeque in February. We’ll be meeting in the Syracuse area this year to appeal to our members in the eastern part of our Section. The annual picnic will be at Red Kozinski’s in Scottsville in early July and the Annual Meeting will be scheduled for November. Perhaps we can join with the Niagara Section at the Sonnenberg Gardens Father’s Day Car Show and add to their usual picnic fare. We need more member suggestions and volunteers to run events.

Our guests added to the delightful afternoon. John’s friend Niles told us tales, with great humor, of his son who is the Mercedes-Benz Dealership Manager in Montvale and of his vast collection of M-B hats. Niles brought along a gift from MBUSA, a wine carrier, won by Carl Prouty. Ernie’s lovely friend Claudette spoke of her great love for her current Rolls Royce and admitted that she would, perhaps, consider a Mercedes since she is frequently chided by Ernie for not driving what we enthusiasts consider the best automobile . Ernie admitted later that he doubted she would switch.

As everyone arrived and signed in they were given a ticket for one special prize to be awarded at the end of the afternoon. Everyone received a new addition from National, a Mercedes-Benz lanyard – handy for displaying your pit pass. Menzer Doud had the second winning ticket and took home National’s handsome new Mercedes wine carrier/cooler, with opener, for two bottles. Naturally it was stocked with Finger Lake’s finest Riesling and Cabernet Franc. Coffee and a cookie tray ended our delightful afternoon.

Meeting concluded at 4:45PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Handzo, Secretary

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