Annual Picnic 2012

The sun was in full splendor on that Sunday. Bob had billed this event as a welcome to new members and although he spoke to several newbies interested in coming just Lynn Smith and her sister joined us. Missed a good one guys!

Beautiful cars on a beautiful day at Red’s house.

As always, the perfect host, Red Kozinski had his property groomed beautifully. A sparkling pool, badminton, croquet, and ladder ball were all set up and various other ball games were ready for competition. The wooded trails seemed to be the most popular “sport”. They provided a respite from the hot sun, blackberries were ready to be picked and eaten, and there was the surprise of the little cabin to be found tucked among the trees. If walking was found to be too strenuous a golf cart was available and used by Dave Kliment and our daughter, Gillian, who were probably the youngest people at the picnic. Dave says he only wanted to see how fast it would go.

Everyone brought a salad or a dessert and the long table was groaning with delights. Red provided shrimp and bourbon balls. Nibbles to start of cheeses, dips, chips, etc. and Betsy Klug’s liverwurst pate which received kudos and was inhaled. Wines, beers and sodas were available. Red fired up his unique grill (plan to come next year to see this treasure) with wood and cooked beef and turkey burgers, hots, sausage and chicken breasts. Lots of condiments and pickles were added along with each of the salads and we retired to the tables under the porch roof to consume and comment. Men talked about the cars, women about food and kids and other important things.

Dave had us line all the Mercedes up on the lawn and took photos for the website and the newsletter – it was a gorgeous sight. Every color, model and style. Perfect day for convertibles and every one was top down. Our Ford truck was not allowed to join this stellar group even though it brought the tables, foods, drinks, paperware and all manner of stuff. We knew it would over flow our Mercedes without even trying.

Once again, the Klugs, from Watertown, won the long distance award but it was touch and go with Ernie Edelmann who drove from Elmira. Nice to see members from so far away, especially the eastern area of our Section.

When we had eaten our fill and run out of stories it was time to tidy Red’s garage and yard and head home. We can’t thank Red enough for volunteering to host the annual picnic. Hope he’s up to it next year, too. There’s not a better place for a Mercedes gathering.

Don’t forget that on Sunday, August 19th we’re meeting at the Seward House in Auburn at 1:00PM for a tour followed by lunch at the lovely Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles. Be sure to join the event on the Club Facebook page. Hope to see more of you from the Syracuse area.

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