2014 Finger Lakes MBCA Annual Winter BBQ

Visiting malls has never been on my bucket list but I’m going back to Destiny USA in Syracuse, site of our 2014 annual bar-b-que at Toby Keith’s “I Love This Bar and Grill”. When I return it will be on a weekday so I can find a parking space within strolling, not hiking, distance to the closest entrance of this gigantic shopping/eating/amusement filled emporium.

I knew many of the restaurants and all the entertainment venues were on the third level in the newest addition to the former Carousel Mall. Two long escalators discharged Bob and me right in front of our restaurant where we met up with members Bob and Kathy Harradine, Don and Betsy Klug, Beulah Jackson with grandson Ray, Noal White and his irresistible 6 year old son Joshua. We were joined by Mel and Alice Dillon at our table after Mel had completed practicing his Glen skills on the amazing and impressive go cart track just around the corner from the restaurant. Note: he had his own helmet.

The bar is huge surrounded by TV and video screens with sports of every sort (it was Daytona weekend), and country entertainers. No band, we were glad to note as the restaurant filled up quickly. A large selection of beers and cocktails were offered. The menu offered a wide choice, small plates, sandwiches, salads, burgers, full dinners and bar-b-que items (Bob gave his ribs A+). The wait staff were friendly and helpful, dressed in cutoff shorts and tank tops that were more modest than what I had heard from friends who had visited the Las Vegas location of this chain. Whew!!

Lots of talk at our long table – it’s amazing what you can learn from a group of Mercedes enthusiasts, and not just about cars. We bid farewell to friends returning home, off to shop the mall or, like Bob, Don, Betsy and me, to watch the go-carts. Very interesting – easy to see who knows what they’re doing and who are the real novices on the track. Maybe we’ll go back and give it a try…… or maybe we’ll just explore the multitude of shops.
Don had e-mailed a notice to our Syracuse area members (including the Southern Tier) to remind them of our bar-b-que date and location and I’m sorry not more of those members joined us. We try to vary our gatherings to please members from every area we cover in our Section. We need feedback and suggestions and help in planning events to interest everyone.

Judy Handzo

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