President’s Message, 3rd quarter 2012

Our annual summer picnic will be held on Sunday, July 8th at Red Kozinski’s home in Scottsville and I’d like to send out a special invitation to our new members. We want to meet you and give you the opportunity to get to know the club officers, other members and to feel that you “belong” to this wonderful organization. You’ve made an investment to join and we’d like to know more about you, your interests and expectations from being a Finger Lakes member. The majority of new members are Rochester area residents but we don’t want to ignore the eastern area of our Section and we need those from the Syracuse and Southern Tier areas to give us ideas to please them. You can make our Section more interesting, exciting and fun for everyone with your ideas and suggestions and to help it grow by attracting more new members. We welcome your participation and look forward to welcoming you to FLMBCA.

Our new Rochester dealer, West Herr, has delivered almost 200 Mercedes to date and we’ve begun to see the Section grow. We’d like to increase the number of owners who do choose to join the club and West Herr has been a wonderful partner in helping with the May tech session, generous service advice and friendly, knowledgeable staff. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with them.

Our new newsletter, “The Tri-Star” has received many positive comments and Vickie Patridge, our Editor, gets more enthusiastic with each issue. A “Marketplace” column has been suggested. Do you want to sell, buy, trade, rent or just give away any items of interest to other members? It could be Mercedes related (cars or parts), other automotive makes, real estate or just about anything legal to attract an interested reader. Articles, critiques and letters of general interest to Mercedes owners are always welcome.

It has been very encouraging to have more members attending the monthly events. We always need suggestions and help from anyone willing to plan and carry out a tour, a visit to a special site, rally or just to show the rest of the members their favorite country drive. However, we know that it always essential to include food and drink somewhere along the way! We look forward to seeing more members at the summer events and we will e-mail everyone prior to the date as a reminder. E-mails will also be sent if an event of interest is added without it being in the calendar.

Be sure to look at the National events listed in your latest “Star” magazine. There are some of interest within a reasonable driving distance from our area. It’s always wonderful to meet members from different sections of the country and to admire the cars from California or Florida that aren’t subject to Up-State weather. Plan to attend “Legends of the Autobahn” on August 17th in Carmel Valley, CA or the annual “Starfest” in Phoenix, AZ held from September 27th to October 3rd. If you do attend either of these events I expect to see an article you have written for inclusion in the “Tri-Star”.

Enjoy your summer Mercedes excursions- Bob

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